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Sauna Timber

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Best quality timber for saunas in Ireland

Our sauna timber comes from various tree types, such as Black Alder, European Aspen, Linden, Cedar and Siberian Larch. We’re best shop available in Ireland. Black Alder is one of the most suitable sauna timbers when it comes to sauna construction, mainly because it is more durable than most other types of wood and because of its moisture-resistant quality that is crucial for outdoor and indoor saunas. Also, it doesn’t contain resin nor gets too hot, even in wood-burning saunas – therefore, it is a great choice for sauna benches.

Another type of sauna timber we use is manufactured from European Aspen. This type of wood is very popular when it comes to building saunas as it doesn’t get too hot, doesn’t create splinters and doesn’t secrete resin. In addition, its light tone and smooth texture produces an attractive look. Linden is also used for various sauna construction projects as this type of wood has superior quality finish as well as life-expectancy that cannot be matched by most other types of wood, even in extreme sauna environments.

In addition to those types of sauna wood, we also use Cedar, which is a colourful timber that is known for its stability, softness as well as ability to resist warping even when faced with extreme heat and humidity that is always present in extreme sauna environment. Similarly, this type of wood has low density, meaning it is a great insulator and is quick to heat and cool down, which makes it a perfect choice for many exterior sauna projects – browse our gallery.

Siberian Larch is one of the most popular hardwoods timber for sauna that is strong and resistant – in fact, its density as well as resistance grows over time. It is a dense and strong wood that has a high gum content between fibres, which
creates antiseptic effect that protects against insects and moisture. This is why we love so much Siberian Larch when it comes to building outdoor saunas – they not only look good, but can withstand any weather conditions.

Sauna Timber For Sale – Browse Our Professional Shop

We’re Ireland’s one best sauna supplier and manufacturer. In our shop you will find a high-quality, original sauna timber for sale – browse our sauna wood shop section


Certified sauna wood suppliers

We source our sauna wood only from certified suppliers who follow green practices and have many years of industry experience, meaning your personal spa will be constructed from the highest-quality sauna wood on the market. All of our products are 100% natural that hasn’t been treated with any type of chemicals. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your space is – we can turn it into a lovely sauna where you can forget all your worries and recover. We have turned various rooms into saunas, such as bathrooms, utility rooms and garages and have a large crowd of happy clients who can recommend us. We offer two types of home saunas, namely wood-burning and electric. 

Our wood-burning saunas are stylish from inside and outside and can match most interior styles. As a result of using wood for generating heat, wood-burning saunas produce minimal to no humidity – you can enjoy and relax without any feeling of discomfort. This type of sauna is powered by the fire in a wood stove that slowly heats rocks and entire sauna. You can use a bucket and ladle to pour some water over the rocks, which will generate significant amount of steam that translates into higher sauna temperature. We recommend to maintain a sauna temperature between 60 – 90 degrees Celsius.

Electric saunas are in many aspects similar to wood-burning saunas, except they are run by electricity. This is why electric saunas do not need fire and therefore do not produce smoke, which means they are ideal for any house, even if you are living in a heavily populated area. You can simply switch on electricity, which powers a stove and rocks and slowly pouring some water over rocks enjoy a gentle steam in your outdoor sauna.


Frequently Asked Questions

What timber saunas are made from ?

Interior timber such as black alder, aspen, linden or nordic spruce.

Why Siberian Larch for outdoor sauna?

This wood is one of the most weather resistant tree species. Over time , rot resistance of larch wood is increasing – it gains strength and durability, Siberian larch also requires very low maintenance and it has a lifetime warranty.

What oil to use on sauna timber?

Paraffin oil! – it creates a natural barrier to keep wood fibres from becoming damaged. It is completely free of toxins, fragrance and colour.

Why Black Alder?

A very low thermal conductivity, strength, allowing alder to become great material for wooden design in addition. Alder also absorbs very low moisture. 

Why aspen?

Aspen is a light , relatively soft and brittle wood that is stable in shape when moisture changes, it does not release resin.

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