What sets apart steam saunas from infrared saunas?

In terms of health – sauna benefits, steam  and infrared saunas produce similar if not equal benefits. When it comes to steam saunas, they are either wood-fired or electric ones – both of them fire a stove, which then heats rocks.

A person using sauna pours some water over rocks and by doing so produces required amount of steam/heat. On the other hand, infrared saunas heat skin directly with its infrared energy.

Some customers prefer this dry heat instead of high temperatures. Also, infrared saunas are typically less expensive than steam saunas.

Do I need to find Electrician or Plumber Myself?

We will perform plumbing tasks ourselves, however you will be required to hire licensed electrician who will be able to install critical sauna appliances, such as heaters. Also, you will be required to hire a skip, where we could store our construction waste, such as timber.

Do You Cover Entire Ireland?

Yes, we cover entire Ireland. However, although we do provide free, no obligation consultation services over the phone or e-mail, we charge a fixed fee if you want us to come to you.

For instance, if you would like us to come and measure your area, which is needed to give exact estimate of project, you would be required to pay a fixed fee, which would cover our transportation costs.

Can I Relocate My Sauna?

Although we do not recommend moving sauna on a regular basis, it can be dismantled and moved anywhere.

So, if you decide to move your house or simply to change the location of sauna, we can take care of relocation. However, you would be required to pay a separate fixed fee for this service.

Are Saunas Safe to Use?

Unless you have underlying health conditions, both steam and infrared saunas are safe to use. If you have any underlying health conditions, we strongly recommend consulting your private doctor or GP prior to purchase.

What Guarantees Do You Offer?

We offer a 1-year structural warranty for all custom-made saunas (read about the differences between interior and exterior here) and 2-year warranty for heaters, if connected by a licensed electrician.

When it comes to infrared saunas, we provide a factory-given warranty.

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