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Indoor vs Outdoor Saunas

Have you ever wondering what is the difference between indoor vs outdoor saunas? Ireland’s best Sauna Experts will give you the full comparison. We have built indoor saunas and outdoor for many customers and for various reasons and this doesn’t come as a surprise as our saunas, both types provides many health benefits. For instance,  we can help us to get rid of various toxins, which are lurking in our bodies, such as nicotine, lead and mercury – they can cause various health problems, such as increase a risk of cancer, speed-up aging and more – learn more about sauna benefits.

The comparison between Indoor vs outdoor saunas

Outdoor Saunas

  • will add charm to your backyard
  • will add value to your property 
  • gives you wider choice of location

Indoor Saunas

  • are usually quicker to install
  • gives you more comfort of using it in your own home
  • no foundation required

Whether you choose interior or exterior sauna – you will have amazing health results.

Indoor sauna unit can be installed:

  • in your house
  • summer house
  • unused bathroom
  • any indoor space you are willing to transform into new custom-made sauna

Minimum recommended size is 2m x 1.6m to be able to do you two level benches for more comfort.

What’s included in typical indoor sauna?

Frame build, insulation for walls and ceilings, alder or aspen wood panels, 2 level benches, 2 sauna lights with covers, glass doors, tiling, thermometer / hydrometer, sand clock, 2 wool sauna hats, electric harvia heater 6kw. 

How much would cost me home sauna?

The starting price is €6000. If you want solid fuel stove the price starts at €8000. You can always contact us (our tel is: 0851620751) and we will be glad to assist you.

The features of our customised saunas

All our custom made indoor/outdoor saunas comes with:

  • Manufactured in EU 
  • Interior walls and ceiling
  • Highest quality heater of your choice
  • Sauna rocks
  • benches and backrests
  • glass sauna doors
  • sauna lights
  • sauna accessories – essentials (sauna bucket, ladle, thermometer/hydrometer etc)
  • foil vapor barrier
  • choose from several sauna wood options such as : black alder, aspen, linden (you can read about our wood philosophy here)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cheaper indoor or outdoor sauna?

Indoor saunas are at lower cost, as it does not require foundation.

Do saunas require a floor drain?

No, a floor drain is not common in a sauna.

What should I cover my sauna floor with ?

Sauna duckboards are a great solution, alder or aspen is soft to the feet and not cold, washable for hygiene.

Do I need permission to build an outdoor unit in my back garden?

You do not need planning permission if the building is going to be up to 25m2, however if you a looking to build bigger building, planning permission will be required

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