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Paraffin Oil – How to Treat Your Sauna




Paraffin oil protects wood and is non-toxic

Paraffin oil is a clear, transparent and odourless preservative that keeps your sauna bench clean and hygienic. Paraffin oil is suitable for treating sauna benches because the agent is non-toxic, soaks into wood, and does not form a film that makes the skin feel hot. Paraffin oil is suitable for almost all types of wood. The oil is insoluble in water, non-flammable and harmless to health. Treating a sauna bench with paraffin oil reduces wood cracks and sticking, as it saturates the wood. Paraffin oil protects wood from dirt, pollution and mildew. Handling must be carried out in dry conditions with a relative humidity of less than 80% and a temperature of at least + 5 °C.

Proper cleansing will help absorb the treatment

Before a sauna treatment, the bench must be thoroughly cleaned. The bench must be completely dry before treatment so that the oil penetrates the wood and does not form a film on the surface. Paraffin oil is colourless but will deepen the colour of wood. First, it is advisable to test the oil on an inconspicuous area to ensure proper results. The mold will usually start to form under the bench, so the bottom should also be treated. Apply a thin layer of oil with a brush, sponge or lint-free cloth. If the oil seeps into the wood immediately, you can apply a second coat. Let the bench dry for a while, and if necessary, wipe off excess and unabsorbed oil with a lint-free cloth.

Sauna benches should be treated 1-2 times a year

Allow the sauna bench to dry for 24 hours, then heat the sauna to approximately + 50 °C to complete the treatment. The sauna is finally ready to use. The oil treatment dries to the final shade within a few days. New sauna stools should be disposed of before use. Later in the cleaning process, the paraffin oil treatment should be repeated 1-2 times a year. The need for treatment depends on how busy the sauna is. If sauna use is high, more frequent treatments are required. If the sauna is not used that many times a year, one session may be enough. A neutral cleaner such as Harvia Sauna Care Set is suitable for cleaning benches.

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