All About Sauna Whisks

A whisk is a
bunch of young tree twigs that are used to present a unique massage in sauna. the usage of sauna whisk at some stage in rub down promotes higher blood stream, cleans the pores and skin and enriches it with fitnessduring the route of rubdown, the bather lashes or slaps the other bather with whisk after dipping it in hot water. Whisks launch first-rate aroma inside the air including a piece of aroma therapy. Whisks are made of various tree species. The most popular of them are birch, oak and eucalyptus. We sell one-of-a-kind sorts of whisks together with the blended ones.

Benefits of Sauna Whisks:

Birch sauna whisk allows to alleviate pain in muscle tissue and joints after physical sports, cleans the skin
susceptible to rash, promotes recovery of wounds and scratches, has soothing and calming impact and improves moodthe principle benefit of birch whisk is that it widens the bronchus, which promotes air flow of lungs and discharge of sputum. it’s far mainly beneficial for people who smoke and those laid low with asthma. Birch leaves incorporate airy oils, tanning agentsnutrition C and A. After bathing, the pores and skin will look smooth and elastic. Birch whisk infusion is ideal for scalp and hair.

The oak sauna whisk is especially good for people who have oily skin. It will become elastic and smooth with oak whisk. Oak leaves help lower blood pressure and have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. After intense mental and physical activity, oak essence calms the nervous system.


Linden (also known as lime tree) sauna whisk has a mild diuretic effect and relieves headaches. Linden leaves speed up sweating, calm, heal wounds, and fight fever.


Sauna whisk made of eucalyptus has a powerful healing effect. Eucalyptus leaves are extremely effective because they contain up to 3% essence oils. Eucalyptus whisk is suggested for sore throat and rhinitis. Eucalyptus whisk may be too harsh for delicate skin due to its unique and flexible twigs.

Prepare a whisk before using it:

In order to use dried sauna whisks in the sauna, they must be prepared. To prepare a sauna whisk, the leaves must be soaked in water to soften them. There are numerous approaches, but we will discuss the most common ones here.

Long approach:

1. Make a tank of cold water that is big enough to hold a sauna whisk. For thirty minutes, submerge your whisk in the water. Verify that every leaf is submerged in water.

2.Put the whisk back in the same way you would put a bouquet of flowers in a vase: with the leafy end up and the handle in the water. Let it remain that way for an additional thirty minutes.

3. Prepare a warm water bucket or pail for the sauna. You can use it immediately by adding whisk to it!

Traditional approach: Use the above method with hot water and 10 + 10 minutes of soaking and standing in the water if you only have 20 minutes before a sauna.

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Typically, the person who will be whisked is asked to lie face down and waved with steam and hot air. His body is embraced and warmed by the downward flow of vapor, which induces a light and pleasant state of relaxation in him. The first stage of whisking is this one. Then, one must increase the overall temperature while focusing on the feet, base of the spine, and main body joints. Whisks are waved over the back and along both sides of the body in circular motions with the wrist. More water is sprayed into the stones as the laying person gets used to the heat. Whisk can be pressed down on important body parts, particularly the feet, ankle, and hip joints, by being exposed to the high humidity vapour above. Considered to be superior to rubbing and mechanical impact is the use of soft steam warming and gentle skin contact. The goal of whisking is to help a person unwind, not to make them endure the process.


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