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Sauna Stones – When Is Time To Replace?

Did you had any idea that gravely kept up with sauna stones can definitely impact how much energy squandered while warming up your sauna? Have you seen an adjustment of the time it takes for your sauna to arrive at temperature? When you pour water on the heater’s stones, does the steam feel weaker? Are there little disintegrates of stones before your warmer? These symptoms may suggest that it is time to purchase new sauna stones.

We at Sauna Experts  have provided answers to four frequently asked questions about sauna stones. These answers will assist you in maintaining your heater and ensure that you have a pleasant experience in the sauna. After all, the ideal sauna session  shouldn’t be compromised by degraded stones.

1. Why should you change the stones in your sauna?

Top notch stones are at the core of a valid sauna experience. When water is thrown on the hot stones, they produce the well-known “löyly,” which refers to the evaporation of hot steam.

Stones that are old or damaged may not only produce a disappointing “löyly,” but they can also harm the heating elements, waste energy (which is especially important to consider when attempting to reduce energy costs), and compromise the sauna’s air quality. Because of this, sauna stones should be checked and upgraded every one to two years, depending on how frequently the sauna is used.

2. When should sauna stones be changed?

In the event that sauna is a piece of your week by week normal, the stones ought to be really taken a look at something like one time per year. The more you utilize your sauna and the higher the temperatures, the more frequently the stones will require supplanting. On the off chance that you heat up the sauna something like two times per week, it’s best practice to empty the stones at regular intervals. In the event that the sauna isn’t being used consistently, when a year will get the job done.

Prior to inspecting the sauna stones:

Before removing the stones, ensure that the heater is turned off and that they have fully cooled. We suggest wearing gloves while dumping old stones from the radiator. They will shield your hands from cracked stones, dust, and the heater’s sharp edges.

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3. What indications do worn-out sauna stones present?

Alterations in color are visible indicators of aged sauna stones. Old stones might abandon dim dark to lighter dim, corroded brown, white or even green. Stone fragments of varying sizes frequently land on the floor in front of the heater. It’s possible that some of the stones have split into multiple pieces or have cracks in them. By gently tapping two stones against each other, you can test the sauna stones. It is best to toss out the stones that crack or sound hollow and replace them with new ones.

4. WHICH sort of stones are used in sauna heater?

The main parts of top notch sauna stones are their shape, size and warm conductivity. For any electric or wood-burning sauna heater, Grade A Finnish Olivine Diabase Stones or Vulcanite Sauna Stones are an excellent option.

Sauna stones typically come in two sizes: 5 to 10 cm, and 10 to 15 cm. Always check the recommended size of sauna stones for your heater. For electric heaters, we recommend the smaller rocks, while for wood-burning heaters, we recommend the larger rocks.

Although using stones from the outside may seem like a good idea, you should never use any stones in your heater. The high metal content and high thermal capacity of specialized sauna stones like the ones we mentioned earlier make them suitable for use in a sauna’s humid and hot conditions. The heating elements can be damaged by easily cracking regular stones. In a most dire outcome imaginable, they can detonate.

Stone options offer an aesthetically more rounded and smoother feel, depending on the look and feel of your sauna. Cover stones are utilized as a smart surface completing to your warmers’ stones. These stones flawlessly complete any sauna spa stylish for those wanting for a less rough, more refined sauna experience. For the perfect sauna setting, we have round Finnish Olivine Diabase Stones and even white ceramic covers stones.

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