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What Are Sauna Rocks and How to Choose the Most Suitable Ones?

What Are Sauna Rocks and How to Choose the Most Suitable Ones

People choose indoor and outdoor saunas for various reasons. Some people are tired of their day-to-day duties and are simply looking for a way to relax in a comfort of their own home. Others, conscious of various toxins in the bodies and danger they pose, choose sauna as the best way to eliminate them from their bodies through excessive sweat. Not all of us have time for gym, not to mention gruelling cardio sessions; therefore, spending time in sauna is more appealing option for most people. The purpose of sauna rocks is simple – to absorb and retain heat and produce significant amount of steam through a contact with water. Although it is definitely not a rocket science, some important steps must be taken, especially when selecting sauna rocks.

First of all, each sauna should have a basket carefully placed just above a sauna stove where all sauna rocks should be located. When it comes to the inherent quality of sauna rocks, they are thermally conductive, which means, while on top of a heated stove, they tend to absorb and retain heat automatically – then, sauna rocks slowly release this heat into the air, which makes sauna’s environment warm and pleasant.

People Enjoying Sauna

No wonder saunas improve relaxation and mood, especially during dull and rainy days. In order to produce steam, sauna rocks must get in direct contact with water. This is why it is vital to keep a bucket filled with water as well as a cup in a sauna. Slowly pouring water over sauna rocks will result in releasing significant amount of steam into a sauna, which encourages sweating and warms up the body.

Picking up sauna rocks is a simple and straightforward process – however, picking the wrong ones can lead to various issues, even explosions in a sauna! So, keep following and read information below. Although some people have no time nor patience and are not too worried about spending €20 for a bag of sauna rocks, there is a way to find them for free.

For instance, while enjoying a day on the beach with the loved ones, you could collect a small bag of sauna rocks for no charge. Similarly, some sauna rocks can also be found in your back garden; therefore, while cleaning your garden, you could also save €20, which could be used for good causes!

First and foremost, all sauna rocks must be igneous – this type of rock is known for its heat retaining abilities, which is crucial for sauna. However, it is important to double-check each igneous rock collected for no cracks or else water inside those cracks can heat up, which may lead to explosion and injury.

igneous rock

In addition, all rocks must be dark. The reason being is that bright rocks reflect light, which means they don’t retain as much heat as the darker rocks. When it comes to rock size, they must be not too big or too small. The ideal size is that of a baseball. The logic behind this is that smaller stones, although heated faster, do not retain as much heat as the larger ones; therefore, if you want to enjoy your time in sauna, instead of pouring a water over sauna stones every few minutes, it is recommended for you to choose the right size.

Also, if you select a stone that is way too large, it will take a lot more time for it to heat up, which will waste a lot of your valuable time waiting for that to happen. Finally, all sauna rocks must have a rough surface. Sauna rocks with a smooth surface will not hold any water. Instead, rough-surfaced rocks will absorb more water and therefore produce higher amount of steam; therefore, rough rocks are the best!


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