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Differences between Electric and Wood-Fired Saunas

The Differences Between Electric and Wood-Fired Saunas

Saunas have gained popularity in recent years due to their undeniable positive effects on mental and physical health. You can unwind, sweat out toxins, and keep your immune system strong in a sauna. Is a wood-fired sauna stove superior to an electric sauna heater? Both wood-fired sauna stoves and electric heaters have advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day, your personal preference will determine which sauna stove is best for you. You can determine which model is best for you by learning a little bit about wood-fired sauna stoves and electric sauna heaters.

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The Modern Convenience of Electricity

If temperature control is important to you, an electric sauna heater is a great option. It usually heats up much faster than a sauna stove that uses wood. Additionally, it is much more conductive for making even minute temperature changes. You will need to have access to a dependable electric grid in order to install an electric sauna heater. An electric heater may be more difficult to operate and install in a remote off-grid location where your sauna is located.

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While operating and maintaining an electric sauna heater may be simpler, it will cost slightly more in the long run. Your electric bill will almost certainly rise. Having regular access to a sauna will undoubtedly be worth the extra cost in terms of health benefits. A wood-fired sauna stove produces exhaust, but an electric sauna heater does not. If you choose an electric sauna heater that doesn’t make a big difference to the quality of the air, your neighbors might appreciate it.


The Ancient Ambiance of Wood

Due to their resemblance to the earliest saunas, wood-fired sauna stoves have endured in popularity. A wood-fired sauna stove is a great option if you want a timeless, natural experience that puts you in touch with one of the earth’s fundamental natural elements. The construction of a chimney and some additional periodic fire safety maintenance are both necessary for wood-fired sauna stoves. If your sauna is in a remote area where it may be more challenging to connect to a dependable electrical grid, a wood-fired sauna stove is the best option.

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A sauna stove that burns wood presents a greater challenge in terms of temperature control, but the reassuring aroma of burning wood may make up for this issue. Smoke from a sauna stove that burns wood can contribute to smog. One wood-fired sauna stove won’t make a big difference in air quality if you live in a remote area with relatively clean air. Although it can be pricey to buy wood to keep your wood-fired sauna stove running, if you live close to a forest that consistently supplies wood, running your sauna stove will be very affordable. Both wood-fired sauna stoves and electric sauna heaters have advantages and disadvantages. The best option for you will depend on whether you prefer the ancient ambience of wood or the modern convenience of electricity.


 Wood versus Electric

Defending Electric Heated Sauna Stoves:

  • Simple to use: Use the programming device or a switch.
  • With no chimney stack, installation is simpler.
  • Who cares how the rocks are heated on sauna stoves?
  • easier to maintain and cleaner.

Wood-Heated Sauna Stoves: A Defense

  • natural, authentic method of heating
  • accentuates the “up north” cabin vibe.
  • encourages outdoor activities and the idea of escape.
  • Wood burning generates negative ions.
  • Saunas that burn wood have better and more natural venting.
  • Better “ahhhh” rhyme production thanks to more radiant heat.

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