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Best Glass Door For Sauna

Wondering what would be the best glass door for sauna project? In this article you will find the answers about choosing the door for home saunas.

It is important to have a sauna in your house if you want to stay healthy and stress-free. However, having the best sauna experience possible requires some research on your part. For example, when it comes to the glass door for sauna – what material would be the best? We are going to take a look today and help you select the best glass door for sauna available.

What to look for in a sauna door?

The main thing to look for sauna door is heat-resistance. While you can use other materials like wood, acrylic or metal for sauna projects, the best material for a sauna door is bronze glass. When it comes to sauna doors, glass is a better choice because it doesn’t retain heat as much as other materials.

This is important because you want the interior (learn the difference between indoor and outdoor sauna) of your sauna to be warm, but not too hot since it can be dangerous. You also want doors to be sturdy, especially if you have small children or pets. Keep in mind about thickness. The thicker the glass, the better. The correct thickness of tempered glass for sauna doors is around 6mm.

How to select the right glass for your project?

We have to discuss the different types of glass that you can use for this purpose. There are many different types of glass available and you have to choose wisely for your home sauna.

The first type of glass that you can use is tempered glass. This is the most popular type of glass for sauna projects and for good reason – it’s heat-resistant and durable. It is also cheap to make and install. 

The second type of glass that you can use is laminated glass. This type of glass is basically two pieces of glass that are held together with a special film. The film has a UV inhibitor, so it doesn’t get discoloured. It also can repel water and keep out bugs as well.

The third type of glass that you can use for saunas is non-tempered glass. This is basically the opposite of tempered glass and while it is a bit more expensive, it is cheaper to make than tempered glass.

bronze-glass-sauna-doors matt-finish-sauna-doors

At Sauna Experts we offer two types of sauna doors – Matt Finish and Glass

What is the best material for a Sauna Door?

As we have discussed above, tempered glass is the best material for a sauna door. However, if you have a really old sauna, or you need to replace the door it can be a bit expensive. That is why you can use an alternative – acrylic glass. Acrylic glass is basically made out of plastic. It is cheaper and doesn’t have any chemicals in it. Some of you might be wondering – is acrylic glass safe for a sauna? The answer is yes. While acrylic glass for doors is a bit cheaper and easier to install than tempered glass, there are some disadvantages to using acrylic glass.

First, acrylic glass can’t handle extreme heat as well as tempered glass which makes it less ideal for saunas.

Another problem with acrylic glass is that it can easily break and isn’t as durable as tempered glass. This means that you’ll have to replace it sooner than you would with tempered glass.


We hope that you now know what to look for when selecting a door for your home sauna project. We also hope that you now understand the benefits of tempered glass over other types of glass. For more information about other types of glass for home use, check out our sauna door category.


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