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Paraffin oil is colourless and oil treatment deepens the various shades of the wood’s grains. Paraffin oil is suitable for all types of wood; it is especially good for heat-treated wood and black alder. In addition to sauna benches and panelling, Stelon paraffin oil can also be used to protect other indoor wood surfaces, such as veneer-surfaced furniture and untreated surfaces like cutting boards. Paraffin oil can also be used as massaging oil. Paraffin oil is easy to use.

Paraffin oil is applied to an untreated wood surface with a sponge or a lint-free cloth. A sauna bench should be cleaned and allowed to dry before treating it with oil. A stained and darkened bench should be sanded before oil treatment. Paraffin oil should be applied in dry conditions: humidity under 80 % and temperature at least 5oC. The best result is achieved if the sauna is heated to about 50oC before treatment.

Paraffin oil treatment should be repeated if the oil is immediately absorbed by the wood. After treatment, wipe any excess oil from the bench. Used sponges or cloths can be cleaned with water or disposed of with ordinary household waste. Used sponges or cloths are not self-igniting.

Weight5 kg

1L, 3L, 5L


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