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MM-S Heat-Resistant Sauna Fan Diameter 100 mm 105 m³ / h Plastic with Check Valve.

As a result of strong sweat production and heat radiation when using the sauna, the toxins, liquids and bacteria are released within the room, which negatively affect people’s respiratory system. In this regard, ventilation of the sauna is an important factor for increasing comfort, air circulation and reducing damage to the respiratory and cardiovascular system. The forced ventilation of the sauna additionally increases the health-promoting effect and helps to strengthen your own home activity and body resistance. In addition to the positive effect of forced ventilation of the sauna for human health, there is also a purely practical benefit for the sauna itself, and for its service life. Simply put, the boards dry faster and your sauna has the durability. For this reason, we have developed a special heat-resistant fan that works at temperatures up to 140°C and humidity up to 100%. When the fan is switched on, a return valve is provided to prevent cold air from entering the room. The electric motor of the fan, housing, blades and return valve are made of materials that allow the work of equipment at high temperatures and high humidity and can be installed directly in the room without risk of overheating. For the connoisseurs of steam culture, we have developed a special “ko” design of the different wooden cover plates so that the fan looks natural in the entourage of the sauna. All panels are impregnated with a special mixture to protect the wood from exposure to 100% moisture.

Package Dimensions‎ 15.5 x 15.2 x 8.8 cm;

Weight‎ 610 g

Weight0.600 kg


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