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Tea can help ease breathing, expectoration, suppress inflammation, and act as a mild sedative and pain reliever.

Sauna tea composition: sage leaves 28%, pine buds 20%, thyme 20%, oregano 20%, pine needles 12%.

Sage leaves (Salviae folium) for tea are collected from the Medicinal sage plant, which is a perennial 25-60 cm tall, strongly scented subshrub. Sage leaf tea has a strong aroma and a spicy taste. Sage leaves contain up to 2.5% essential oil, the main component of which is cineole (up to 15%). The leaves also contain 8.1-12.5% ​​of lactic acid, triterpene acids, flavonoids, phenolic acids, vitamin B1, vitamin C (0.2 – 0.27%), carotenoids, nicotinic acid, bitter mineral substances, phytoncides.

Pine buds (Pini gemma) are collected before they open, in forest clearings or from the lower and side branches of trees that are 10 or more years old. Pine buds accumulate an essential oil containing up to 40% pinene, up to 40% limonene and up to 11% bornyl acetate. Yeasts and bitters are also found.

Common thyme (Thymus serpyllum L.) is a perennial subshrub 10-30 cm long. Thyme tea has a strong pleasant smell, a slightly bitter burning taste. The main active substance accumulated in thyme is essential oil, which contains up to 30% thymol and up to 20% carvacrol and other components. In addition, yeast, flavonols, organic acids, minerals (up to 9.5%), vitamin C, and bitter substances are also found.

Oregano (Origani vulgaris herba) is a perennial herb 30-80 cm tall. Oregano tea is very fragrant and has a bitter, astringent taste. Oregano herb contains essential oil (0.4-0.62%), which contains up to 40% carvacrol and thymol, up to 12.5% ​​mono- and sesquiterpenes, up to 5% geranyl acetate. There are also flavonols (161-260 mg), yeast (up to 6%), etc.

Pine needles (Pini folium) are used as an ingredient in various herbal tea blends. Pine needles contain ascorbic acid (100-300 mg%), yeasts, bitter substances, flavonoids. The needles also contain a lot of vitamin C, carotenoids.

In folk medicine, an infusion of sage leaves, pine buds, thyme, oregano, and pine needles is used to ease breathing and expectoration, suppress inflammation, and has a calming effect.

Method of preparation and use: pour 2-3 teaspoons of tea with hot (90-95oC) water, steep for 5-10 minutes. let the tea acquire and reveal its best properties, strain, press. Can be sweetened with honey. Drink tea during or after sauna procedures. Drinking tea in the sauna awakens energy that has a positive effect on the body and soul.

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