Melissa and peppermint have a mild sedative effect, effective in treating depression and insomnia.

Composition of sauna tea: lemon balm 50%, peppermint leaves 50%.

Melissa (Melissa folium) is a perennial 30-100 cm tall herbaceous plant with a pleasant lemon scent. Lemon balm leaves are used for tea, after the herb is dried and sieved, the stems are removed. Lemon balm tea has a lemon scent, initially astringent, then pleasant aftertaste. Lemon balm leaves accumulate essential oil (0.02-0.3%), which contains up to 70 compounds. Lemon balm leaves also contain ascorbic acid (up to 150.0 mg%), yeasts, mucus, bitter and mineral substances, saponins and other components.

Peppermint (Mentha piperita L.) is a perennial, 30-80 cm tall, strongly scented herbaceous cultivated plant. Peppermint tea has a sharp and cooling taste and a pleasant smell. The main active substance accumulated in peppermint is essential oil, which contains up to 70% menthol and up to 25% menthone and other components. In addition, ursolic, oleanolic acids, carotene, flavonoids, yeast (up to 12%), vitamin C, and minerals are also found.

In folk medicine, since ancient times, a mixture of lemon balm and peppermint tea has been used to calm, reduce anxiety and insomnia.

Method of preparation and use: pour 2-3 teaspoons of crushed tea mixture in a cup of 250 ml of boiling water. After 5-10 min. is scraped off, pressed down. It is recommended to taste it with honey and drink a glass of fresh tea during the sauna procedure or after the sauna.

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