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Sauna Himalayan   Salt Briquette – is an ecologically clean product, which is based on modern processing technology of salt crystals.

Ingredients – natural salt, plants. In ancient times, people drew attention to the beneficial effects of salt air on the body. Salt vapors can improve blood circulation, prevent fatigue, treat colds. A very thin layer of salt covers the skin, gently cleansing and smoothing it. Salt has an antiseptic action which gives a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract.

Instructions for use :

  1. Remove one or more briquettes from the packaging (depending on the sauna room).
  2. Place them on the hot stones in the sauna(woodburning stoves only) – salts might damage electric heater elements**
  3. Wait until the salt is well heated, then splash some water on it. Thus, the air in the sauna will be saturated with healing salted vapors. You can add water several times.




Product can be used for several sauna sessions

Weight1.3 kg


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