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Take your mind on the journey of pleasure with our fine variety of inspiring scents. As a part of Harvia´s healing with heat mission we want to provide you with the best environment for a multi-sensory sauna experience. These scents are made to lift up your sauna & steam experience to a new level, while you can enjoy the soothing and relaxing moment at your own home spa. Harvia Healing with Heat sauna and steam scent set includes five different 10 ml scents. The scents can be used by mixing them into the water (that is poured to the hot sauna heater stones) and directly to the surfaces that are designed for scent vaporizing as scent cups and steam channels. Breeze (Eucalyptus) Eucalyptus calms you down, opens your airways, and enhance the breath. Let your muscles relax while enjoying the breezing touch of this scent. Balance (Ylang Ylang) Enjoy the harmonizing sensation of the soothing aroma. The rich and floral scent of ylang-ylang balances your body and mind. Vitalize (Lemon & Orange) This Vitalizing scent composes from different aromas of citrus flavors. This mixture of lemon and orange energizes and lifts up the mood. Boost start your day with the vitalizing citrus scent. Activate (Spicy Peppermint) Activate your senses and enhance your alertness with the scent mix of peppermint, cinnamon, and eucalyptus. This spicy mixture of aromatic scents is a great choice for tired body and mind. Delight (Coconut & Vanilla) Feel the tropic and lift your spirit with delightful scent of coconut and vanilla. This delicious scent takes you to the steamy paradise with its strongly sweet, yet smooth characters.

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