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Enhance your sauna experience with the exquisite Copper Bucket and Ladle Set, a stunning addition available at our premium sauna store. This set not only adds a touch of elegance to your sauna but also serves as a practical tool for enhancing your sauna sessions.

Crafted from high-quality copper, the bucket boasts a captivating sheen that catches the light, adding a luxurious element to your sauna’s ambiance. Its generous capacity ensures that you can easily supply water for generating invigorating steam, contributing to the authenticity of the sauna ritual.

The ladle, a perfect companion to the bucket, is designed for effortless water distribution over the hot sauna stones. Its graceful curve and sturdy handle ensure both comfort and control during use.

Elevate your sauna experience with the Copper Bucket and Ladle Set, a harmonious blend of beauty and utility that encapsulates the essence of the sauna tradition. Experience the timeless luxury of copper and the practicality of thoughtfully designed sauna accessories, enhancing each and every sauna session.

Weight3 kg


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