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The Harvia Xenio CX110 sauna controller is a touch control panel dedicated to home sauna and Finnish public sauna. The modern style of the control panel, combined with new technologies is the Finnish company’s response to the current needs of users. 

The sauna controller works with all Harvia Finnish sauna stoves, which do not have a built-in control module and have a power of up to 11kW. There is an option to increase the supported power to 17kW with the help of a module.

The Harvia Xenio CX110 sauna stove controller has a stylish touch control system with red backlight. The sauna controller allows for precise temperature control in the range of 40-110 ° C. The controller allows you to plan the inclusion of the stove, at the latest 12 hours ahead. Working time up to 6 hours at home or up to 12 hours in public conditions.

  • electric furnace control
  • Precise temperature control and digital thermometer
  • keeping warm for max 6h, 12h in public
  • Starting programming – turning on the furnace for max 12h
  • Turning the lights on/off
  • modern interior decoration
  • fault diagnostics
Technical Specifications
  • Make: Harvia
  • Model: Xenio CX110
  • type of sauna: Finnish
  • designed for electric furnace up to 11kW, there is an option to expand to 17kW
  • Digital control – touch panel
  • temperature control range: 40-110°C
  • Working time adjustment range: up to 6h – home, up to 12h – public sauna
  • 3-phase power supply 400V 3N~
  • electrical box with 5m cable for connection to the controller
  • temperature sensor with 4m cable
  • light control up to 100W, 230V
  • installation possible in and outside the sauna
  • Controller: width / height / depth: 85 x 110 x 24 mm
  • Box: width / height / depth: 272 x 193 x 70 mm
  • Includes: Control panel, temperature sensor, electrical box, mounting elements
Weight1 kg


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