Designed and manufactured in Finland, the high-quality design heater is a Harvia masterpiece that combines a great sauna experience with safety and reliability. The heater design protects the sauna structures and creates a uniform temperature in the sauna thanks to unique and discrete air ventilation ducts. Air ventilation ducts cool the wall structures and improve air flow through the heating elements, creating even heat in the sauna.

The curved shapes of the “Harvia Spirit” electric sauna heater are distinguished by their natural design. The design of the heater highlights the round stones and creates a modern yet elegant atmosphere. The heater with “WiFi” is particularly convenient to use. As the name suggests, “Harvia Spirit” is the spirit in your sauna that guarantees a soft and pleasant sauna experience. The “Harvia Spirit” heater is compatible with the most commonly used control units, and the “Harvia Xenio WiFi” control unit and “MyHarvia” mobile app provide the best and most versatile user experience. With the “Xenio WiFi” control unit and the “MyHarvia” mobile application, you can control all functions of the sauna, such as temperature, lighting and air ventilation.

Sauna size:

  • 9 kW – 8-14 m3
Stone capacity max. (kg) 60
Weight 12 kg


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