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Harvia’s Glow pillar heater was designed to fulfils the needs of the most demanding sauna interior designers. Glow’s stylish and streamlined form factor provides for flexibility in sauna interior design. Its high pillar shape makes the sauna impressive. The majestic Glow is therefore like a crown at the center of the benches.

In addition to its aesthetic quality, Glow also makes for a pleasant sauna experience: with its large amount of stones, soft and pleasantly humid steam is guaranteed. Also the bathers at the lower benches get to enjoy even, caressing warmth. The heater’s exterior leaves plenty of the stones visible, and the briskness of the steam can be tuned by throwing water either straight onto the stone pillar or to the side of the heater.

The Glow heater has clear and easy-to-use selectors, which are placed down the front. The heater comes equipped with a manual timer and thermostat. It is self-explanatory and user friendly.

The sensors, embedded to the inside, guarantee its safe functioning. The assembled stones do not hinder the working of the thermostat, and the heater functions reliably, even after extended use. Glow’s thermostat reacts quickly when the stones cool down, swiftly turning on the heating elements so that the stones are warmed up before the next steam water is thrown.

The tunnel inside the heater speeds up the air circulation while also functioning as support for the heating elements. Erosion of the stones doesn’t weaken the circulation of air. The heat sensor and air circulation, integrated to the tunnel, are inventions by Harvia. They make the heater safer to use.

Electric heater technical details
Product codeHTRT904XE
Output, kW9,0
Sauna room min – max size, m38 – 14
Measurements (HxWxD),mm1076 x 364 x 364
Weight, kg13
Stone capacity max, kg80
Minimum safety distances (ceiling / sides)850 / 100
Supply voltage, phase400V 3N
Fuse A3×16
Connection cable, mm25×2,5
Control unitEquipped
Weight13 kg


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