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The efficient and compact Harvia Delta XE, an electric sauna heater with smooth design and XE control panel, is ideal for small saunas. Owing to its shape, the Delta XE can be mounted on the wall or in the corner. Delta’s digital Xenio XE control panel makes it extremely easy to use. All the functions are integrated directly to the Delta heater, enabling easy installation whether you are building a new sauna or putting in a new heater in your old sauna. The buttons on the Xenio control panel are illuminated for ease of use in dimly lit saunas. Use the control panel to adjust the temperature, lighting and timers. With the timer, you can have the sauna ready whenever it suits you. The control panel can be placed inside the sauna, doubling as a digital thermometer. The XE model can be started remotely, and the safety equipment can be integrated directly into the heater.

Room volume: 2 m³-4.5 m³

Stone amount : 11kg (not included)

Weight8 kg


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