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Harvia Delta D36 is a small but feisty electric heater that is great for smaller saunas. Due to its small size, the Delta heats up quickly and thanks to the good amount of stones, the steam feels warm and humid. The stainless-steel outer shell gives the electric heater a neutral appearance, it is perfect for both older and newly renovated saunas. Thanks to the triangular shape of the Delta electric heater, installation is easy. You can install the Delta in the corner of the sauna, which saves you some space. The heater also comes with a wall mount which the heater is easy to install on.

Harvia Delta D36 electric heaters technical information:

Power 3,6 kW

Size: Width 340 mm, Height 635 mm, Depth 200 mm.

Sauna Size 2 – 4,5 m³

Stone amount 11 kg

Weight8 kg


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