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Harvia Cilindro PC70 electric sauna heater is a high-quality and stylish pillar heater with an excellent price-performance ratio. The sauna heater has an open design and the large amount of stones that can be placed in the heater ensures a truly enjoyable sauna experience. The large rock surface area allows you to adjust the steam from soft to more intense by aiming the steam either at the side of the sauna heater or directly at the stone pillar. The outer casing of the heater is made of stainless steel. Harvia Cilindro PC70 electric sauna heater is suitable for saunas from 6 to 10 m³.

Harvia Cilindro PC70 electric sauna heater is controlled by a fixed control panel. Easy-to-use switches are located at the bottom of the front of the heater. The sauna heater can be recessed into the lower bath with a separate recessing collar, as long as access to the heater switches is taken into account.

Weight12 kg


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