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It is important that you use the new Chill Tabs sanitiser to chemically treat the water to ensure that it is safe to bathe in. Although the water is cold, bacteria can still be present. Cold temperatures cannot kill germs, but only slow down their growth.

The Chill Tabs sanitiser has been specifically formulated for cold water therapy as they have a fast rate of release with a low percentage of sanitiser.

IMPORTANT – The use of any hot tub/multi functional tablets is prohibited and will invalidate your warranty, as this may cause problems with the stainless steel structure.  We recommend you only use the Chill Tabs Sanitiser tablets.  


We recommend dissolving the Chill Tabs sanitiser tablet in a jug of water before adding to the Chill Tub.

Use 1 x Chill Tabs Sanitiser Tablet twice per week.

This may need to be more frequent for heavily used Chill Tubs.

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