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How To Use A Sauna in 8 Easy Steps

 How to use a sauna?

Properly using a sauna is not difficult! but what do you need to know ? how will you make certain to achieve the quality fitness consequences? All statistics in 8 points:

The correct way to use a sauna:

  • Prior to the sauna: shower and then dry, as dry skin sweats more quickly than moist skin.
  • Wear a Sauna Hat 100% Wool to prevent your head from overheating
  • First time in the sauna: remain in the sauna for roughly eight to ten minutes. But only as long as it makes you feel good!
  • Within the sauna: Underlay with a towel to prevent your body from touching the wood. The temperature in the sauna goes up as you sit higher up. While you are in the sauna, you have the option of sitting or lying down. On the upper benches, briefly but violently sweating is most effective. Start with the middle or lower bench if you haven’t done one before.)
  • Calming down: The sauna cools down after each heating cycle. The cold castings should be guided toward the heart from the right ankle through the legs and arms in the most gentle manner for circulation. Please use cold or warm water only (exception: toddlers), or else the beneficial “Kneipp effect” will disappear. You can also immerse yourself in the icy pelvis if your circulation is stable and your blood pressure is normal.
  • Period of rest: Relax your body by moving in the fresh air and then taking a break. Cuddle up in your bathrobe or blanket to keep your body from cooling down. A soothing foot soak can also be beneficial. The time between sauna sessions should be between 5 and 10 minutes, but you can go longer if you want and feel more relaxed.
  • Fully rested? After that, it all resumes: off to the sauna to sweat, then back to the cooler temperatures and rest. After that, the duration of the second and possibly third sauna sessions could be up to 20 minutes. Drink at least one litter of water after using the sauna, preferably more.

Why shower in the cold after the sauna?

  • The skin is cooled down as a result of the cold stimulus and heat deprivation caused by the cold shower or cold plunge pool. Your blood pressure goes up as a result, and your circulation is trained. The cooling stabilizes the blood circulation when blood pressure is low. The health-enhancing effect only occurs when the cooling is sufficiently strong. The immersion bath isn’t good for people with high blood pressure because it’s too full. Oak Pouring Over Tub 15L


Sauna Infusion: why?

  • The humidity quickly rises from about 10% to 30% during infusion. Even though this intensifies the heat, it only lasts for a few minutes. You should only begin using the infusion after the second sauna session. One or more ladles of water are poured over the sauna stones on the sauna stove for this purpose. Essential oils that have been added to the infusion should only be used sparingly and thoroughly diluted (otherwise they pose a fire risk). The relaxing effect is bolstered by the pleasant scents, and the sauna has an even stronger effect.Sauna Fragrance Eucalyptus


How many times have you gone to the sauna?

  • It’s okay to have up to three sauna sessions. Without putting your health at risk, this will have beneficial effects. You should drink enough water after your last sauna session to restore fluid balance. The number of sauna sessions you have should be adjusted based on how often you go to the sauna each week. Recommendation: One sauna per week equals three courses, two saunas per week equal two courses, and a daily sauna equals one course. But ultimately, your well-being is the most important thing.


How long is each sauna treatment?

  • How long do you spend in the sauna before you notice a difference? A session in the sauna should last at least eight minutes. The positive effect is caused by the heat widening the vessels and opening the pores: Due to the increased body temperature and increased sweat production, the metabolism and detoxification are accelerated, allowing the body to carry toxins from the inside out. However, for this to happen, the body must be affected by the heat for a long time. The body should be strengthened for 8 to 15 minutes, but not so much that it becomes overworked. The first course should be done sweating for 8 to 10 minutes; subsequent courses can be done sweating for 10 to 15 minutes.Harvia Sandglass LUX


How frequently is sauna beneficial? How often a week does sauna take place?

  • Although going to the sauna on a regular basis is the only way to reap the long-term benefits, it is a relaxing experience. The cardiovascular system is trained, the metabolism is triggered, and the immune system is strengthened. You should go to the sauna at least once per week for this reason. You can also go to the sauna several times a week if you are fit and healthy. Even bathing in the sauna on a daily basis is safe as long as you maintain good health and reduce the number of sessions. In contrast, a recent study indicates that using the sauna more frequently improves health (including stroke and cardiovascular disease). For instance, a weekly schedule of four to seven sauna sessions can cut cardiovascular mortality by up to 70%.  More data:Sauna Benefits
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